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Send an e-mail and we will give you a quote.  Include name of club, quantity
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Yacht Club Burgee Wholesale Price List 
* Indicated burgee price based upon minimum order of 25 (Total)
Mix and match for 25 burgees. Larger discount for more burgees.



10" x15" Dinghy's $22.50 *
12" x 18" 20 to 30ft $22.75 *
14" x 21" 25 to 35 ft $23.75 *
16" x 24" 30 to 40 ft $26.25 *
20" x 30" 40 to 60 ft $50.00
24" x 36" Small Clubhouse $69.00
3' x 4.5' Std Clubhouse $112.00
4' x 6' Clubhouse $145.00
5' x 7.5' Clubhouse 215.00

These prices are based upon average degree of difficulty and we reserve the right to adjust the price if the burgee pattern is significantly more (or less) difficult to fabricate.  We will give you a quote including shipping and handling charges when you send an e-mail.  Most orders are shipped within 4 weeks or sooner from receipt of order.

Setup Fee - A $45 setup fee for burgees priced above and sewn appliqué style.  Burgees that are digital printed also incur a $45 setup fee.  If 25 or more burgees are ordered, the setup fee is waived.. 

Each burgee is made out of high quality 400 denier nylon pack cloth, UV treated on both sides; and stitched with extra strong UV resistant thread.  We order our cloth direct from the mills and also have our cloth treated for mildew resistance.  The appliquéd burgee pattern is cut out with our laser cutters and sewn on both sides concurrently with the same stitch.  This is called appliqué and provides the best marine burgee.  Digital printed burgees have replaced silk screening and is used on complex patterns.   Even the two brass star grommets along the polypropylene heading are special design for burgee applications. These burgees are designed to withstand a marine environment and are by far the highest quality burgees available in the industry today. 

Colors - Colors can vary from one mill run to the next.  Also, the color will vary from one computer monitor to another.  Burgees can only be made out of available materials and minor variations in color shade are to be expected.  Check out our color swatch chart for a reference as to which colors are available.

Burgee Copyrights - We respect the yacht clubs claim to their copyright, and or trademark, and we do not sell their burgees to the general public.   If a yacht club member requests a burgee, we suggest they buy one from the yacht club to save money.  If they need a unique size not available from the club, will provide a burgee as requested unless there is a formal objection from the club.

Billing and Shipping terms can be reviewed at "Order Info"

For quotes: please E-mail: and you will usually get a quote back usually the same day.  _/)


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