Attention all European Yacht Clubs

In recent times, the US Dollar has declined in value relative to the EU or Pound.  As a result of these currency values, you can buy your burgees in America at far better prices than you can obtain in Europe.  In many cases you will save up to 50% on your burgee costs and obtain the highest quality burgee available in the industry.

The Burgee Shoppe is known for producing the highest quality burgees available in the boating industry.  It is possible for others to match our quality, but no one can make a higher quality burgee.  If they did, we would copy them.  They can copy us also, however since we have such large volume, we purchase our cloth directly from the mills and obtain a better cloth designed for burgees.  Cloth that is available from cloth distributors is used in many applications and is not as good as the cloth we have made for burgees.  Our cloth is UV treated on both sides so your burgee will last longer in the sun.  We also have out cloth treated for mildew resistance.  We challenge you to find a burgee that will last longer than our burgees.

Our production facilities use laser cutters so all burgees are identical.  Not hand cut out where each burgee is different.  Our burgees are designed to outlast our competitors with extra cloth and stitching in the key wear points. Finely, our assembly methods use techniques we have developed to make our burgees last longer when flying in the wind.  In many cases you will not notice the difference until you have flown the burgee for a year and measure the degree of wear.

American burgees are different from most European burgees in the cloth we use.  We use 400 dinear nylon pack cloth that will last much longer the lighter old traditional fabrics used in Europe.  American burgees use a much sturdier fabric and after a full  years use, you will probably not notice any wear or deterioration in the fabric.  The main enemy of any flag is wind.  If you fly your burgee on the bow of a high speed power boat and power into a strong wind at 40 knots for long periods of time, there is no burgee in the world that will survive.

American burgees are made appliqué style where we cut out the fabric and sew it on the burgees on both sides with the same stitch.  We do not silk-screen burgees unless the pattern is too detailed to appliqué.

On a scale of 1 to 10, we like to say our burgees are a grade 10 while 90% of the burgees out there are a grade 9 or less. We also have the capability to have your burgees made in China at a significantly lower price.  However these are probably only grade 8 burgees.  To the average person, most will not be able to notice the difference between a grade 8 and a grade 10 burgee until it has been flown for a while.

To obtain a quote to have your burgees made in America by the Burgee Shoppe, send an image of your burgee along with the quantity and size burgee you want and we will send you a quote to make the highest quality burgees in the industry.

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