Yachting Customs and Courtesies
Revised Third Edition


This new THIRD EDITION is a 480-page book that expands and updates everything found in the prior editions, and includes new special chapters on boating activities, how to design a flag, and how to run a meeting.  It includes sample scripts – with diagrams – for every public and private yacht club ceremony.  With this book in hand, every yacht club officer always knows where to stand and what to say.

PLUS this new THIRD EDITION is your key to a worldwide network of clubs.  It contains an updated Stars Register of Clubs & Flags, with more than 800 full-color burgees, and information – including many websites and Email addresses – of over  2,000 yacht clubs in the United States and around the world.

The first edition of this book was published five years ago under the  name   Yacht Club Customs & Courtesies.  It sold out quickly and many  clubs  were  unable to get enough copies to satisfy their members.

The second edition was expanded to include more yachting customs and also sold out quickly.  Now everyone has been waiting for the new Third Edition which is in full color, 480 pages, and weighs 5 pounds.  This is a book that you will want to showcase in your club.

Written by a practicing lawyer, this newly-revised, expanded 280-page, photo- packed second edition covers everything from the history of  yachting to the  modern-day problem of protecting yourself and your   club  from the very real  danger of lawsuits.  It is a valuable manual for yacht  club officers, providing  adaptable scripts for ceremonies such as Change of Watch and memorial services.  The book explains the history of many yachting customs like saluting the quarterdeck and making a toast, and describes how to carry on such traditions in the twenty-first century.

Yachting Customs and Courtesies is the only book of its kind in the New York Yacht Club library.  It should be on your shelf as well.  Order your copy today.

“Yachting etiquette might be gone from some clubs, but with Joseph Tringali around, it’s not forgotten.”

      – Jim Flannery, Senior Writer,                                              Soundings

If you are hesitant about using your credit card online, you can order by mailing a check for $58.99 to:
Halling Enterprises
2622 Kempton Drive
Los Alamitos CA 90720

Or to place a telephone order, call (562) 594-8265 between 9AM and 5PM Pacific Time weekdays.


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